Agmicus means Beneficial Agriculture Practices.
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Agrikit is a multi-functional farm tool for irrigation water quality management.
irrigation water farm water fertilizer/pesticide use landscape/swimming pool
Agrikit Model 086 Agrikit model 106 Agrikit model 320 Agrikit model 520

Modern Agriculture Show Beijing 2014
Agrikit Cart, the farm water management tool, is exhibited in the show.

Soil Remediation
This soil treatment system combines thermal, electric-chemical and biological processes.
 - inorganic chemical polluted soil including nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfate, etc.
 - organic chemical polluted soil including organic contents, pesticides, petro-chemicals, etc.
 - soil polluted by soil waste and industrial soild waste
 - soil polluted by pathogens, municipal waste, and industrial wastewater.

The concept of AgriKit Cart

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