Agmicus means Beneficial Agriculture Practices.
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Agrikit is a multi-functional farm tool for irrigation, landscape, and aquaculture water quality management.
irrigation water Fertilizer/Pesticide Landscape Pool Aquaculture Farm Waste Water

Agrikit Model 086 Agrikit model 106 Agrikit model 320 Agrikit model 520

Modern Agriculture Show Beijing 2014
Agrikit Cart-the farm water management tool exhibited in the show.

Soil Remediation
This soil treatment system combines thermal, electric-chemical and biological processes.
 - inorganic chemical polluted soil including nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfate, etc.
 - organic chemical polluted soil including organic contents, pesticides, petro-chemicals, etc.
 - soil polluted by soil waste and industrial soild waste
 - soil polluted by pathogens, municipal waste, and industrial wastewater.

AgriKit Cart

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