Agmicus means Beneficial Agriculture Practices.
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AgriKit AQ-10 AQ-10/20 Video
Agrikit AQ-10 is designed for various aqua farming applications.
Agrikit AQ-10 shows a practical way to grow shrimps, fishes, turtles, etc.
AQ-10 can remove solids, terminate over 90% pathogens and mildew, and add submicron bubbles into water.

AQ-10 AQ-10 AQ-10 AQ-10

Agrikit WT series in Waste Treatments
WT-15 is specially designed for pig (hog) farming and industrial wastewater treatments.

Pig (Hog) Waste Treatment Industrial Waste Treatment
pig farm ind waste

AgriKit for Agriculture
Agrikit M-series is a multi-functional farm tool for irrigation.
Agrikit shows a practical way to inhibit plant diseases in organic farming.
Flow rates range from 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 tons/hr.

Model M086 Model M186 Model M320 Model M520 Industrial
Agrikit Model 086 Agrikit model 106 Agrikit model 320 Agrikit model 520 Agrikit ORG



Actual Applications
Irrigation Water Management
Plants For Copper Ions
Fertilizer/Pesticide Reduction
Copper Amount Limit in Soil
Landscape Pool
Aqua Video

Ecological Farm

Waste Treatment

Pacific Yew Enzymes

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